Tuesday Online with Mugaku Roshi: Inside Yogacara

Join Michael Mugaku Zimmerman Roshi for Zen study and inquiry in an online class via the Zoom conference platform on Tuesday evenings, 6:30 - 7:45 pm MT, starting on June 4, 2019 continuing in 33 total class sessions ending on April 7, 2020.

In fourth-century India, one of the great geniuses of Buddhism, Vasubandhu, sought to reconcile the diverse ideas and forms of Buddhism practiced at the time and demonstrate how they could be effectively integrated into a single system. This was the Yogacara movement, and it continues to have great influence in modern Tibetan and Zen Buddhism.

Vasubandhu’s “Thirty Verses” lay out a path of practice that integrates the most powerful of Buddhism’s psychological and mystical possibilities. The Thirty Verses and the book we will engage together goes to the heart of the matter—how do we alleviate suffering through shedding our emotional knots and our sense of alienation?

The required text for this course is Inside Vasubandhu's Yogacara: A Practitioner's Guide by Ben Connelly (Wisdom Publications, 2016). Mugaku Roshi advises: "Ben Connelly's 'Inside Vasubandhu's Yogacara' is not just a book about Zen theory or Buddhist history. It is a very important book about meditation practice. I think it's important for any student who is serious about practice."