Our Wild Time: Understanding the Collective Trauma and Hero’s Journey

Our Wild Time: Understanding the Collective Trauma and Hero’s Journey
07/13/2019 - 07/27/2019


A 3-Part Telecourse with Terry Patten
Hosted by Diane Musho Hamilton Roshi
Summer Session of the Zen Study & Practice Series, 2019
Saturdays, July 13, 20, & 27
9:00 - 10:15 am MT via the Zoom Conference Platform

In this three-week telecourse based on his new book, A New Republic of the Heart, Terry Patten will introduce us to the difficult, necessary, creative, and ultimately inspiring and rewarding work through which we can meaningfully address our most “wicked” problems. He will invite us to engage a series of “conversations that matter” that will transform us, even as they advance our understanding of how the Inner Work, Interpersonal Work and Outer Work are advancing toward integration as whole systems transformation — and a whole new level of human maturity. We will make contact with our paradoxical potential for heroic goodness, as we even more deeply meet and befriend one another — and practice together, co-creating a higher level of the “we-space” in our communities of practice.

The text for this telecourse is A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos For Revolutionaries, A Guide to Inner Work for Holistic Change.

July 13: Our Wicked Predicament, the Consensus Trance, and the Possible Human
July 20: Being the Change
July 27: Conversations that Matter
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