Online with Mugaku Roshi 2021: Timeless Calling, Timely Response

2021 Online with Mugaku Roshi, Segment 2 (9 classes)
04/20/2021 - 06/15/2021


The 2021 Online with Mugaku Roshi is a series of 38 weeks of online instruction and practice with Michael Mugaku Zimmerman Roshi throughout 2021. This registration is for the second segment of 9 classes only, April 20 - June 15.

Practitioners who want to establish or strengthen a practice in the Zen tradition with Mugaku Roshi meet via the Zoom platform.

The virtual classes include teaching and inquiry with fellow practitioners. The online study series is intended to provide support in a virtual sangha for established practitioners and those new to to practice.

The experience of practicing with a teacher and meeting weekly in Sangha is enlivening and will stabilize and strengthen your practice like nothing else. If occasionally you cannot attend the live session, the Tuesday night call is recorded and is available via SoundCloud or Vimeo.
Event Registration is closed.