Two Arrows Zen Membership Application

Thank you for your membership support of Two Arrows Zen. Our mission is to provide Zen Buddhist teaching, practice, and study that appeals to a broad audience of people seeking to awaken and to manifest wisdom and compassion in their lives. Your membership is vital to our mission is and is deeply appreciated.

Personal Information

Please select the membership level that fits your circumstances:

  • TAZ Supporter: You want to meditate or attend public programs, receive recordings of Dharma talks and member discounts, and will support Two Arrows Zen with an on-going contribution.

  • TAZ Dharma Practitioner: You are making the commitment to practice in a Buddhist community. This level is an on-going requirement for Jukai recipients.

  • TAZ Dharma Sustainer: You are a member of the Sangha and have received Jukai. You have an ongoing practice relationship with a Two Arrows Zen teacher and actively attend classes, workshops, and retreats. You want to make an additional contribution to support the life of the Sangha.

  • TAZ Bodhisattva Circle: You would like to sustain the vitality and well-being of Two Arrows Zen practice centers and deepen your commitment. Certain study opportunities are available with permission of the teachers with this level of support. This level is a requirement for those who have ordained as monks.

Students (In-school, or <25, or recent graduate) and persons with limited incomes may opt for reduced membership contributions.